Asset Management

Our investment advice is provided on either a discretionary or an advisory basis. We deliberately maintain a relatively small number of client relationships. Our intention is to commit fully to each and every client. We reject the “one size fits all” methodology as we devote time into listening, interacting, and evaluating how we can best tailor the appropriate solutions to suit the client’s needs.

The optimum long-term strategy is underlined by the client's requirements and preferences. We would construct a healthy balance between the client's long-term total return (capital growth and/or income) and expected risk.

Underlying our investment process is our consistent active management, our multi-manager approach and diversification.

Active Management: In order to ensure long-term value and produce consistent, above-average investment returns, over the medium to long term we believe that constant attention and nurturing is vital.

Multi-manager Approach: The financial world has become increasingly intricate. However, our team believes that each investment sector has unique catalysts and drivers for performance. Therefore, STL Capital will gather resources from the appropriate specialists whenever needed.

Diversification: We seek to provide true stability for the future, including times of volatility, by diversifying across and within all asset classes.

Promptly after the client agrees to the long-term strategy, STL Capital will establish the appropriate asset classes for the client. For performance purposes STL Capital may use pre-established structures for tax or administration efficiencies; otherwise they are held on independent grounds.

Our investment advice is provided on either a discretionary or an advisory basis. We deliberately maintain...

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STL Capital clients and co-investors have the unique benefit of utilizing our long-standing and venerable relationship networks across the globe.